Squawker PC

£10.00 / year

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Squawker PC is a windows based program

The database can be searched by Frequency, Channel, Airport, Service, Squawk, Area etc, it has integration with a variety of Scanners and SDR’s,s as well as some export options

Squawker PC is a yearly Subscription of £10.00  for a single activation on a single computer, includes one year of updates (to transfer your activation to a new computer it is a £1.00 fee),

You will get immediate access to the frequency updates, Online maps, and Callsigns on this website for the duration of the subscription

for more information help and support please join our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Squawker/

Download Install and follow instructions to send activation key from within the software, once payment has been received and the activation key has been sent to me, I will activate the software,