Active mil file downloads have had there usual Saturday update today,

Been a lot of behind the scenes work on the website this week developing new systems, when purchasing the UKAFG2020 guide direct from the website, any of the subscriptions (active mil, Squawker online, Squawker PC) now gives immediate access to the online content, it will also allow me to bring new products and features which includes a new online shop coming soon,

Also been an update to to the Military Call signs whilst Civil call signs had a major overhaul a couple of weeks ago,

whats coming next is a full update on the London and Scottish control frequencies which for qualifying subscribers (Squawker Online, Squawker PC, UKAFG2020 Guide) will mean more height and location data and improved maps, this will take a few weeks with the database release first then the maps at a later date and as a shop as been added to the website you will start to see new products being added in the near future as well,


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