Latest News and Notifications

Active military file downloads have been updated as normal for a Saturday as work progresses on the maps for London control sectors the map for the London FIR sectors and frequencies has been added all the maps are available to current subscribers of the UKAFG 2020 guide, Squawker PC and Squawker Online,
The Database had an updated today for the UKAFG 2020 guide and Squawker online, Squawker PC will update to take advantage of the new update it will ask you to update the database on launching the program, The updates are available on this website you do need to be registered and have a UKAFG Guide, Squawker Online or Squawker PC Active mil files have been updated as they are every Saturday It was also brought to my attention there is a news article on the radio enthusiast website that they will be doing an article in next months Radio User magazine (September)
A major update to the database today starting with a clear out of unused frequencies and some new editions. Squawker PC has had a program update to take advantage of the new short name field, this has been kept to 16 characters for those scanners that do not support longer names this new field will export to the CSV and .TXT files, For the online database the new Short Name field has been included for squawker online subscribers and it is used in the frequency updates and frequencies removed pages, this as before for Squawker online users you can use copy and paste to export results, All London and Scottish control designations have been updated with new descriptions this will enable me to bring more accurate maps and data (the new maps are in development) The short names will also carry across to the Active Mil files downloads