Latest News and Notifications

We have released a range of Dipole receive antennas which are now available to order from our online shop, They include four models currently Civil Air, Military Air, Marine band and a dual-band/general receive, All antennas are hand-built and individually tested they feature a custom 3D printed dipole centre, aluminium radials and removable mounting pole, they are a BNC fitting on the antenna, ***please note coax is not included*** Each antenna costs £25.00 this includes either a wall/loft mount or a pole mount, included is heatshrink material which has a bonding agent to protect the BNC connection from water ingress, they also come with free shipping to UK addresses The products can be found from the shop menu at the top of the page
Database updates today for Squawker PC, Squawker Online, and the UKAFG Guide book, More Callsigns added The usual Saturday update to Active Militry file downloads The equipment has arrived for the antenna workshop as have some of the supplies required supplies, installation continues this week, the dipoles will be the first to be released in the next few weeks They will include a Civil Air dipole, A Mil Air dipole, and a general receive dipole, construction will be aluminum legs with custom center mounts with BNC coax connecters, Mobile antenna’s for handhelds will be released next as will verticals, The shop will continue to expand adding more items over the coming months
For Squawker online Subscribers a new page has been added where you have all the main databases on a single search page, this includes :- Frequency Database Search Civil callsign Search Military callsign search Squawk code search 8.33 finder the page can be found from the subscriber menu> Squawker online